Muslim Man Demands Minnesota Judge Follow Sharia Law, Finds Out Exactly How America Feels About His Sickening Religion Now

The sense of entitlement that some liberals have is ridiculous. It is not enough that we have a liberal immigration policy that allows so many into our country. One Muslim man got a rude awakening when his request was denied by a judge. He attempted to get the court to acknowledge Sharia law.

Nadir Ibrahim Ombabi was a taxi driver from Minnesota who died in a car crash tragically. After he passed away his wife was set to inherit his entire estate. Approximately $183,000 was awarded to the family after a wrongful death suit was filed.

But Hasameldin Ibrahim Imbabi, the victim’s brother, is disputing the ruling on the allegation that the money from his brother’s estate should be distributed to his family and not his wife. He cited sharia law which states that men should be able to receive twice the share of the female. Imbabi asserted,

the principles of the private international law should have been applied from the beginning since the law of all parties (the decedent, his widow and decedent[‘s] next of kin) is the Islamic Law and they are all Muslims and follow the specifics of the religion.”

His primary argument is that Sudanese Islamic law should have been applied instead of American law. But the judge denied his request ardently. The judge said it was the result of lack of legal representation and specific arguments.

Some people had strong responses to this Muslim man’s sense of entitlement. A Newsiosity reader said,

Muslim man has no grounds to stand on with that, Sharia Law has NO place in this country … these people need to get it through their thick skull that the US Constitution which is law of our land and Sharia Law does not and cannot co-exist in our land!”

Another said,

Welcome to America. If you want to immigrate here and live here then follow our laws and rules. When in Rome Do as the Romans Do. You are in our country .. respect the laws here or go back to your original country. This an example of what is totally wrong with this country now Everyone who comes here wants America to accommodate them and expect us to change . Not happening.”

Clearly, he forgot he lives in the United States. If he hates it so much he should just leave. You don’t emigrate to another country when you prefer the laws of the country you’re originally from.